Sunday, September 27, 2009

My last vacation

Last year, in my vacation, I went to Buenos Aires. It was great! I stayed in a hotel next to 9 Jule Avenue.
There are so many ways to see it. I saw It by taxi, metro and walking.
During the day I visited museums, parks, neighborhoods, historic buildings and monuments. A special and different walk for tourists is to go to Recoleta cemetery, many leaders of the Argentinean history are buried there.
In the late afternoons I left for to have coffee. The oldest and most beautiful of the cafes is Cafe Tortoni, I was there.
The city has excellent restaurants. The beef is fabulous.
I did some shoppings. The “El Ateneo” is the more great Argentinan bookstore. There I bought a book.
I want to go back to Buenos Aires!

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