Sunday, August 9, 2009


Curitiba is a great city to live or to visit. It’s a example in solution of global urbanism, education and environment.
The influence of immigrants – Italians, Poles, Ukrainians – is strong. The cuisine is diverse and the cultural life is great.
The public transport system is modern. The best way to see Curitiba is by Tourism Online. The duration of the ride is 2h30min and you’ll see 25 sights.
Places to shop: Flowers Street, 24 Hours Street and some shopping centers. There are a lot of parks and woods.
There are good restaurants; in the “Felicidade” district, the Italian restaurants stand out.
Go to Curitiba and you’ll see the Wire’s Opera Theater, the Oscar Niemeyer Museum, the Botanical Gardens, besides parks.


  1. Very good! My family leaved in Curitiba in 1968. I love people and nightlife. Kisses.

  2. I have never been to Curitiba, but my husband's uncle lives there... Maybe I'll visit this city soon!

  3. I have some relatives in Coritiba, but do not know the city, drawing cold will have much to learn.